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About Us

This is the ever expanding Team Spatialized.

This dedicated group of pure design talent has been carefully selected for their individual skills, qualifications and above all their personality. We all share masses of enthusiasm, a passion for design and a growing respect for

“cake o'clock.”

Starting with the hardest working Managing Director of them all, Lee Armstrong. Lee knows absolutely everything there is to know about Leisure and Hospitality design. He sets a bar so high that to sit alongside him is to dangle ones feet over the edge and wonder how long your shoes would take to hit the floor, if there was ever time to kick them off!

Associate Director Adam Clayton has been with Spatialized from day 1, he has contagious enthusiasm in abundance, a brand creator, a team leader and an excellent coordinator- and unquestionably the sweetest tooth of the team!

Accompanying Adam as an Associate Director is Dan Cowgill. Dan has already accumulated 20 years design experience within the industry and is best known for his conceptual creativity and technical detailing and a passion for all things outdoors and sporty.


Our newest team members- Rhea and Lucy already feel like part of the furniture- not only do they have design skill and sass to boot- they happen to make a cracking brew.... just make sure it's Yorkshire Tea!


Further backing up this set of Yorkshire delights is Andrew and Chelsea- Think Laurel and Hardy but with a design background....

Lisa keeps the team in check- and also supplies the biscuits and coffee so always best to have her on side! She is also chief bear controller- and that certainly isn't the easiest job!

Pete makes buildings stand up- when we decide to take big chunks out of them! But more than that he is a skilled and professional Architectural Consultant working closely within our team to help bring some of our biggest builds to life!

Our Story

Spatialized has been at the forefront of Hospitality design since its inception in 2010.

Working along side some of the country's best known hospitality providers, the Spatialized team are fastidious in the work they produce, ensuring the best results for our clients whilst maintaining a key eye on the design lead detail. 

Growing to the current team- and always on the look out for the right candidate- Spatialized prides itself on being the professional, friendly and super capable bunch of people you see below... if you have the time why not pop in for a brew (and a biscuit of course) and come and chat to the team about your next project. 

Meet The Team

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